Walkingrocks Photography – based in Dorset

Let me start with explaining the origins of the name ‘Walkingrocks’. I used to keep a bit of a menagerie, including several species of tortoise. A paddock in the garden was home to a lively group of Leopard tortoises, which were a source of endless fascination to the four legged friends. The dogs would spend ages standing at the fence avidly watching them basking, and then get all confused & excited when one got up and walked around. I was always convinced that they were trying to work out how these ‘rocks’ could walk about and hence ‘walkingrocks’ came to be. It has stuck with me since, so I thought it was appropriate.

All my life, I’ve had a passion for wildlife and nature. As a child growing up in Southern Spain, I spent long hours snorkeling, or rescuing Chameleons and Eyed Lizards from the busy highways around our estate. My parents still tell stories of how I would leave in the early hours of the morning not to return till late in the evening to tell them all about the days adventures. My life in the south of Spain was completely different from the school terms, which were spent in Edinburgh, where my parents were from.

As I’ve grown older, my interest in nature has evolved through various different stages, from breeding reptiles and tropical fish, to scuba diving in tropical seas.

These days, I spend most of my free time behind a lens, looking to capture the unique characteristics of wild creatures – both the very familiar and the more exotic. Although mammals are my main passion, birds seem to take up a lot of my attention – especially birds of prey! I’ll happily spend many hours – or even days- waiting to capture the shots I have in mind, but equally I love those magical unplanned moments where everything just comes together.

I’m currently based in Dorset, where I’ve lived since 2016. However, I make frequent trips back to my native Spain, as well as to Scotland, Wales & more exotic locations, always on the lookout for the next shot!